Guided Tours of London by Black Taxi or Private Car

TWO fabulous ways to tour one of the most vital, historical and ever changing cities in the world – your Blue Badge guide will bring London alive for you, and will either be working with one of London’s highly trained Black Cab drivers, or will have their own luxury vehicle:

celexa buy buy accutane safe Black Cab (London Taxi) Tours of London give you the opportunity to have exclusive use of one of London’s most iconic symbols for the duration of your tour. Black Taxi tours are a great option not only because you and your guide will also have the benefit of seeing London at street level as you get around (if you do a walking tour, you’ll probably be using the underground rail system to travel between the areas and sights), but black cab drivers know all the sneaky ways around the city, and on many roads can use the bus lanes to bypass lines. Taxis can accommodate up to five clients plus your Blue Badge Guide.

Otherwise, if you would prefer your guide to bring their own luxury vehicle (Mercedes or similar), you can have a tour with a  enter site Blue Badge Driver-Guide with either a saloon for up to three passengers, or a luxury van for up to six.

Whether this is your first trip to London, or you’re a return guest wanting a deeper view into the city’s history, We promise the day will be full of fascinating stories that will help you connect the dots of how London and present day England came to be.

We hope that by the end of the day you’ll agree with Samuel Johnson, watch “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’

Some walking is usual to explore the various sites, but if you have mobility issues do let us know when booking so we can tailor things for your comfort. With notice, a wheelchair can also easily be arranged.

*Please note that taxi or car tour prices include guiding services, preplanning, transport, fuel and parking, but does not include entry fees to the various attractions or refreshments.

Classic Tours of London by Black Taxi or Private Car

A perfect choice for a first time guest, or a returning visitor wanting a quick ‘refresher’. You’ll soon see, there is no other city in the world like it.

Special Interest Tours of London by Black Taxi or Private Car

Do you have a special passion or interest? As well as a Classic Tour of London, why not go a little ‘off piste’ and explore a little further?

(Image above is Mercedes E Class)