What if?

For those who take a keen interest in WWII, or those who know very little, Bletchley Park is a moving and fascinating British time capsule of what it meant to ‘pull together’ to win the war.

Created in absolute secrecy (Loose lips, sink ships), populated by some of the keenest, most eccentric minds in Britain, Bletchley Park, a once grand country house became the centre of the top secret plan to break the German Enigma Code.

Churchill’s pet project was shrouded in secrecy, buried in countryside, but the men and women working in their tiny wooden huts, saved Europe and Great Britain from the German war machine and by breaking the Enigma code, shortened the war, saving countless thousands of lives.

Those who were part of the Bletchley Circle, having signed the Official Secrets Act, where so loyal, that no one who had been there, admitted it existed or even spoke of it for another 30 years.

Your guide will collect you from your central London hotel for your private guided tour and together you will visit one of the most historically important locations of WWII.


  • Wander the original estate, complete with lake, tennis court and ballroom
  • Visit the huts where Alan Turing and his team broke the Enigma Code
  • Relive the war experience via an excellent museum and exhibition recreating conditions
  • Largest display of original Enigma machines in the world
  • A reconstruction of ‘The Bombe’
  • A rebuild of a wartime ‘Colossus’ – the world’s first electronic computer

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